Cosplay VR Fantasies Ultimate Guide

In VR Porn you are no longer the observer, your are the one fucking the girls (VR stands for Virtual Reality)

If you are new to VR Porn, check our Big Tits VR Guide to find out what you need to get started with VR and see some examples

As real as a Star Wars sex fantasy can get – here is your story so far:

You really have dropped yourself in it this time, haven’t you, Han? You shouldn’t have trusted Lando. The asshole gave you up to Vader and he got you in carbonite deep freeze. Fortunately for you, Leia has been keeping an eye on you. Jabba made her put on that sexy little slave bikini, but after that she choked that obese fat fuck and booked it for your holding area. You’ve been through all kinds of crap. Blasters behind your back, debt collectors chasing you, and dealing with a cranky Chewbacca too many times, but never have you woken up to Leia standing there in a collar and bikini. You soon discover that seeing you again makes her so wet you could wring her panties out. Let this big tits hottie suck and fuck you back to life. Don’t stay around too long though, there are bounty hunters on your ass. .

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What is Cosplay VR Porn?

Not a lot of people know what Cosplay is, if you have heard about it you probably think its something for the geeks and the weirdos right? Allow me to introduce some big tits vr hotties in this article to change your mind. Normally the words “cosplay” and “fantasy” make peoples attention span drop significantly.  Which makes fairly good sense- ask a geek any question concerning his or her subject of interest and you’re sure to be confronted with a prolonged, overly verbose commentary of what precisely makes their fetish the best. So, instead of boring you into a sense of susceptible complacency, we’re going to throw in a couple of video demonstrations, to point out with proof that cosplay is not just for geeks anymore. We’ll even give you a breakdown of what cosplay porn really is. So gents- strap in, as this is gonna get hot real, real fast.

Jessica Rabbit VR Porn

Your story so far:

Jessica Rabbit has booked a meeting with you as she’s heard your the best private dick in town. She has a sneaking suspicion that Roger is cheating on her and she needs you to substantiate that. You can’t believe that rabbit could be so short-sighted to cheat on such a babe. Unfortunately Jessica is unable to pay you in cash because that would risk her covert investigation being revealed, so she suggests another type of payment. You normally only accept cash, PayPal, or MasterCard, but in this case, you will settle for pussy. Her juicy lips start wrapping around your dick, all you can think is “Oh, Roger, how the tables have turned.” If Jessica thought you have been a great dick before, imagine what she thinks about you now.

Wikipedia describes Cosplay as:

Cosplay, a portmanteau of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.

The rapid growth in the number of people cosplaying as a hobby since the 1990s has made the phenomenon a significant aspect of popular culture in Japan and some other parts of Asia and in the Western world. Cosplay events are common features of fan conventions and there are also dedicated conventions and local and international competitions, as well as social networks, websites and other forms of media centered on cosplay activities.

That’s the non porn side, while Cosplay VR Porn is typically related instantly with video games, fantasy, manga, and literary costume dress up, cosplay vr porn is actually a much wider genre than that. Cosplay VR porn covers pretty much any costumed pornography, from sexy maids, to bad-ass female warriors. Of course it contains video game and anime characters as well, so don’t begin feeling overlooked if you’re a fan.

It’s fairly straightforward to see how simple the transition from cosplay to Cosplay VR porn is. Just think about any female superhero. None of them are what you’d call “overdressed”. Same goes for many female video game character leads, and undoubtedly for manga and Japanese comics. These characters are sexy to start with- but brought to life with actual flesh and bone. Well, there’s definitely bone (er) involved.

Even if your not the geeky type, chances are high you know a few of the more iconic video games or movies. Maybe you’ve even played a couple of them. Think of the lead characters like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider VR Porn

You positively don’t have to be into Super Dorkdom or World of Geekcraft to feast your eyes on these buties.. or letting them raid your temple… This is how cosplay was brought to the rest of us. Taking characters that are war torn, jungle mobbing, zombie killing hotties, and bringing them to life- in all of their sexy, kickass glory. Little did you know, a ton of your favorite porn stars have dabbled in cosplay at one time or another.

From Stella Cox in a lovely piece of Harry Potter VR porn:

Harry Potter VR Porn starring Stella Cox

Your story so far:

Entering the office Hermione discoveres a time turner, as she starts to investigate the reasons behind this forbidden offense she starts to get stressed. She just needs to wind down, she claims, and thinking what you had poured into a cup was tea, she mistakenly takes veritas serum. This brew honesty works virtually instantly, too, and Hermione all of a sudden opens up about her crush on you, the love letters she never sent you, and just how horny you have made her really feel all these years. Don’t fret, Ron does not have to find out about this; this is your little secret.

Borderlands VR Porn starring Angela White

To Angela White looking sexy as hell in this Borderlands VR porn movie:

Your story so far:

After many hours of gun gathering and vault searching, you stop by Mad Moxxi’s for a drink, and sure, to eye-fuck the busty babe behind the bar. Right when you enter, Moxxi is already wet – from “spilling a glass,” apparently. She concocts a mean drink and has a way with words, she’s even been identified to be an arms dealer on the side. Once you drop a tip in her jar, you anticipate a uncommon gun in return. However today’s different, you’re getting more than that. Mad Moxxi needs you to slide your dick between her huge natural big tits and take you in her mouth. She desires to reward you for being the loyal customer you are. Get to it vault hunter, Moxxi’s pussy awaits.

While it’s always good to see some familiar favorites test the waters much less typically explored- it really doesn’t make them essentially the most spectacular in the field. Think of those more commonly seen sex kittens as the gateway drug into the intoxicating world of cosplay.

The best Cosplay VR pornstars of our time are usually less recognized. But in being small fishes, they have an inclination to make a fairly big splash. Not to say virtually all of them are younger and mind blowingly hot.

The journey to discovering your cosplay crush is certainly the fun part. Because cosplay porn is such a large and diversified genre, you can actually spend hours scrolling through the seemingly countless movies of scantily clad girls, doing unimaginable things, in any variety of geek glory. There are quite a few drool worthy movies to keep you occupied while preserving your “alter-ego” intact.

Star Trek VR Boobs for all of you trekkies out there:

Your story so far:

The Enterprise is in a bad state of disrepair and although Uhura ought to be on board repairing the comms units, she decided to take a quick journey to Earth. Spock has been acting like a straight up cunt, she’s tired of his Vulcan crap and she’s thrown altruism out the window, the one thing she knows will calm her down is an ample serving of dick. You always wished to be on the Enterprise crew, but you failed your exams so this is as close as you will ever get. Uhura will be getting back to the ship soon, but she will not depart till she’s had her face painted with cum. Make it so.

Mortal Kombat VR Porn threesome with Jade and Kitana

Your story so far:

The tournament starts tomorrow and Jade and Kitana are determined to safe guard the liberty of their realm. The two of them decide to surprise you in your room with an Edenian threesome. Though you suspect that it might all be a setup to cut you in half with their steel fans before the tournament begins, you’re powerless to stop them once they take away their masks and start sharing your dick.

Let Misty poke your balls in this Pokemon VR porn movie

Your story so far:

Your relationship with Misty is complicated sometimes, Ash. She saw you with another girl and got jealous so sure, she might have slept with Brock for revenge. So in the spirit of ending this conflict, you challenge each other to a match. If she wins, she will get your water badge. Should you win, you will finally get a taste of what has been been hiding underneath that tank top and shorts all this time. Misty’s Pokemon may disappoint her, but this redhead’s petite figure and tight pussy are better than any badge you could possibly ever have dreamed of!

Zelda VR porn - Have hot sex with princess Zelda

Your story so far:

Link… Wake up, Link. A familiar voice in your head speaks to you..”Link… Wake up, open your eyes”. You recognize the voice as your crush Princess Zelda? You have been sleeping for 100 years, she says. Holy Nayru! But, where is she? What happened here? Your memory is so foggy. Calamity Ganon… Oh no, you lost the battle against the Great King of Evil years ago. You fell in battle, but Zelda shielded you. What occurred next? Luckily, Zelda left you her personal Sheikah slate; an ancient relic filled with recollections of your loved one – Hyrule Princess, including all the hot memories. You use the relic and what happened starts coming back to you.

Where can I get these Cosplay VR movies?

VRCosplayX has 194 Cosplay VR Porn movies (at the time of this writing) and a new movie being released around every second week. This makes them the main source for Cosplay VR porn. The other sites mentioned in Best Big Tits VR Sites also have a ‘Cosplay’ section, some sites also call it ‘Parodies’. But they have them in much smaller volume compared to VRCosplayX. If Cosplay VR is your main interest, VRCosplayX is the main site to sign up for.

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