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Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara Realistic Boobs Sex Toy Review

The focus of this tits sex toy is to replicate Anzai Rara’s breasts. She was formerly known as Shion Utsunomiya until she changed it to Anzai Rara. She is one of the top ranking Japanese Porn stars in Japanese porn history. Let’s see if they did a good job.


Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara is from the well-known onahole maker EXE. It’s their first entry into the breast sex toy world we love.

The idea behind the product was to replicate these lovely tits. Anzai Rara’s. A beautiful JAV porn model in Japan.

In that respect, they did a really good job.

Fondling Performance

When using your hands they feel nice. The shape is beautiful. They jiggle nicely and the nipples look nice and inviting. So you want to face dive into them right? Us boob lovers don’t buy these sex toy boobs just to fondle them.

The outer layer is made of a material that feels like rubber rather than skin-like. The rubbery feel is not that noticeable when using your hands, but when you use your mouth or face, it’s quite noticeable. But they are pretty cheap right, some drawbacks are to be expected.

Titfuck Performance

As you can see in the demonstration video below, a fold is created in the upper section of this tittyfuck sex toy when you titfuck them or grab them and push the tits upwards. It’s an unnatural un-sexy look.

There is one fix for this folding issue. If you have a sex doll with small tits. You can put the Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara on top. That little push from the sex doll boobs prevents the folding from happening and all is good. 

Here is a picture of the Kyo Plush Doll with the Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara. Fondling and sucking the boobs is just too hot with this combo. 😉

How do these breasts fare in the titfuck department? I am sad to say, it doesn’t work well. The gel filling is focused on the lower part of the breasts. Towards the top there is almost nothing and mostly made of the less soft rubber material which doesn’t move. There is simply not enough breast flesh to envelop your penis head. 

You are left with trying to hump the small area marked in red below. But the area is too small to provide any noteworthy sensation to your penis head.

I would recommend getting a hands free masturbator like the one below, I reviewed it here. Then use the Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara for fondling and sucking instead.

What you get in the package

The box is huge! I must say the presentation is very nice. Dimensions 9.44×12.79×4.13 inch. Only about 1/3 of the box is the boobs toy


They are more durable than the chichifueta titfuck sex toys due to the fact the outer layer being of a less soft rubbery material. Your nails will still leave a mark though if you are not careful.

You should check the caretaking pointers in the Care Guide, they apply to all breast sex toys:


Very easy to clean, you can use regular soap. And the soap easily removes all the lint and dust that has stuck to the surface.

Technical details


EXE (Japan)


6.84 lbs


(L x W x H in.)

12.80 x 9.45 x 4.14 in


Dual Layer TPE (with gel). Tripple if you count the nipple


The Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara are better than the old Paizuri Bakunyu due to a more realistic jiggle. But they smell pretty bad and have a rubbery feel instead of a skin like feel. If you are on a budget I would recommend the Holy Sister Oppai instead. It’s smaller, but feels better and smells nice.

Be sure to check out the ‘best titfuck sex toys list‘ for this year before making a purchase decision.

My Rating


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