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Paizuri Bakunyu (I cup fucking tits) Realistic Boobs Sex Toy Review

Paizuri Bakunyu by Magic Eyes have long been known as having the best bang-for-buck ratio when it comes to getting big relatively realistic breasts for a lower price. There is also a tanned version called Fluffy Tan Paizuri Bakunyu, but I haven’t tried it myself yet. Let’s take a closer look at the original version to see if they hold up to their reputation.

Titfuck Demonstration


So what’s a paizuri sex toy? Paizuri toy is the Japanese word version of breast sex toy, titfuck toy or whatever we want to call it in the west. The product name Paizuri Bakunyu means ‘titfuck breast explosion’. 

The Paizuri Bakunyu goes by two other names as well, the English ones:

I-cup paizuri bakunyu mega breasts


I cup fucking tits

It was released in 2016, at a time when dual-layered paizuri toys did not exist yet. They were all made from a single material, TPE. The reason they are still popular is because Magic Eyes did an especially good job with their TPE formula. For a TPE only paizuri sex toy they are quite soft. Production has also ramped up over the years due to the popularity and price has gone down. 

Fondling Performance

You can see in the video below that the Paizuri Bakunyu do not jiggle realistically as dual-layered boob toys do. But for the cheaper price they do quite a nice dance 😉

Something I really like is the nipples. They have a nice texture to them. Many of the other higher-end dual-layered boob sex toy models either have very little texture or none at all. The Paizuri Bakunyu nipples have a nice texture, are soft and elastic. Imagine sucking erect nipples, that’s how they are.

The feeling of the breast flesh is soft and squishy, much softer than the nipple. But they are not soft enough to feel like real breasts. More closer to a girl with silicone tits (real-life silicone tits are not as soft as natural ones). They are sexy and hot, but you don’t get that feeling like with dual-layered breasts, which can fool your mind into thinking the breasts are real.

Titfuck Performance

Cleavage is very tight when squeezed together, which is great. They give a tighter sensation than dual-layer boob sex toys. You get less realism but more titfuck stimulation. That’s the tradeoff. Like titfucking silicone tits in real life, there is more stimulation but for many, it’s less sexy. No jiggle.

What you get in the package

This paizuri sex toy comes in a pretty nicely designed box and inside is the casing with the boobs. So nothing too special with the packaging.


The base is quite thin, it looks to me like it could tear if you would lift the breasts from one side only. You have to be careful with lifting those 2.7kg breasts, lift them with two hands. The nipples are glued on so I would not recommend pulling them hard.

You should also check the caretaking pointers in the Care Guide, they apply to all paizuri sex toys:


All paizuri sex toys have oil bleed. The Paizuri Bakunyu has quite a bit of oil bleed for the first month, it subsides gradually with time. It’s not dangerous, but make sure you put some protective material between the breasts and whatever you intend to put them on. There will always be some oil bleed, just less of it with time.


It’s very easy to clean the Paizuri Bakunyu because there is no crevice where mold can grow. You can use regular soap. And the soap easily removes all the lint and dust that has stuck to the surface. Use can use a towel to try them afterwards.

Technical details


Magic Eyes (Japan)


2.7 kg


(L x W x H in.)

12.6 x 11.2 x 5.75 in




These used to be my most recommended budget titfuck sex toy. But have been beat by the newer Holy Sister Oppai released in 2021. You can check our list of the best paizuri toys here.




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