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Plush Sex Doll Review - KYO Plush Doll

People have a few names for plush love dolls: sex plushies, adult plushies, stuffed sex doll, to name a few. But chances are you have never thought of getting a plush love doll right? Most of the talk and marketing around the net is about big, expensive TPE dolls. I am pretty sure that is because there is more money to be made marketing them. But, as you can see, my ‘Pros’ list became pretty long for this plush love doll. I am really glad I decided to give a try.


  • Lightweight (can be handled with one arm)
  • Silky smooth plush texture. It’s not hard to imagine you are touching a real girl
  • Good for any sex position
  • Realistic size, similar to a thick & curvy short girl
  • The thick curves feel and look sexy when holding it close. As long as you don’t touch the seams, the fantasy of being with a real girl is easy to maintain. Much less so further away when you see the seams. 
  • Can be combined with boob sex toys, that will make her very hot for any boob man.
  • Perfect for VR Porn. Increases the immersion factor to crazy levels
  • Hole pocket can be used without onaholes, it’s made from a silky material and gives a nice light stimulation for longer sessions. Easy to wash.
  • Snuggly & soft. Does not loose shape from squeezing and touching. Very stress relieving to hug
  • Does not need warming with heated blankets before use like TPE dolls. Never cold
  • Perfect if ball massages are your thing. The ass does not have a crevice in the middle like real girls. The flatter shape there will allow you to massage and squeeze your balls and stimulate the penis at the same time
  • Allows you to get a tighter new feel out of your onaholes due to the structural integrity the onahole pocket provides


  • Big Onaholes do not fit. Small ones and medium sized ones like Meiki no syoumei 05 zhang xiao yu do fit.
  • Visually much less sexy than a TPE doll. But I personally prefer it’s user friendly and always ready to go (never cold, lightweight, hole has a nice light sensation without a onahole for longer sessions, easy to put away in a box)

My Rating


✈️ 🇪🇺 Ships from their EU Netherlands Warehouse. Free Shipping to EU and US. No import fees paid to US & EU. Sources: Customsdutyfree, Duty Calculator

✈️ Ships from US. Free shipping to the United States.

EU Shipping Price Examples: Around $76 for Chichifueta Rocket, $42 for Onahole, $86 for both combined. Fast express shipping.

EU Import charges: VAT applies to all imports, ranges between 17-25% depending on country importing to. Duty never paid for total costs of €150 and below. Duty may apply above that amount. HS Code for sex toys: 331295139

Sources: Customsdutyfree, Duty Calculator.

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What do plush sex dolls feel like?

Plush, also called cuddle fabric, as the name implies, is one of the most cuddly soft fabrics in existence. Often used in soft toys for babies and children for this reason. Plush fabric is a fabric that imitates a fur surface with thin hair strands of 1mm to 18mm in height. The KYO Plush Doll is around 1mm, this gives it a silky female skin like feel to the surface (women have lots of very fine transparent hair on their bodies that men don’t. That’s why their skin is so nice and soft). While the KYO Plush Doll does not have completely the same texture as female skin, it comes close enough to make you forget yourself and remain in your fantasy 😉


The Kyo Plush Doll comes in very basic packaging. A plastic bag and the box. I suggest you keep the box so you can store her somewhere when you need to.

100cm love doll category appeal

There is a big demand for small pratical dolls, often referred to as 100cm love dolls. KYO Plush Doll fits nicely into this category with her 79cm (31inch) height in a half body sex doll form. I could easily squeeze her under my bed where I have 25cm (10inch) of space in height. But her legs get squeezed and it creates folds in her hips. I don’t know what the long term consequence would be to keep her like this. Maybe she would develop creases in the fabric, I don’t know.

When friends come by you can put her in a corner in the bedroom with a blanket over her so you have easy access later. Or keep her in the cardboard box she came with if you want to be extra careful.

She's a thick curvy sex doll

She is a thick sex doll with nice curves.

If you are are into big asses, she definately fits into the big ass sex dolls category. 

Okey she is a big booty sex doll, what more? Lucky for us boob lovers her boobs are small enough to be able to hold boob sex toys on top. This is actually the main reason why I got this plush love doll. I saw pictures on of people combining plush sex dolls with boob sex toys. I am happy with the result 😀

Onahole holder for onahole pocket pussys & medium sized onaholes

Small pocket pussy size onaholes will fit without any problems (pictures above). Onahole pocket pussys are easy to insert because the insert hole is made of a smooth silky material. 

Medium sized onaholes like the Meiki no syoumei 05 zhang xiao yu is the biggest she can handle. With this size you will need to wrap it with a plastic bag. Then it goes in easily. Without the plastic back, it will be impossible to squeeze the onahole all the way in.

A new feel for your onaholes and masturbators

Pocket pussy sized onaholes:

Being able to hump & move was a big improvement. It’s just not the same as lying still and masturbating or using a pocket pussy. Being able to adjust the tightness with the two strings connected to the insert pocket ads alot of room to adjust things to your taste in regards to tightness.

Medium sized onahole: Meiki no syoumei 05 zhang xiao yu 

Medium sized onaholes become very tight in the KYO Plush Doll.
If you have a regular thickness penis: 4cm (1.57 inch) from side to side. It’s going to be very tight, and require alot of lube and re-lubing. Don’t expect to last long.

I believe it would be a better fit if your penis is 3.5cm (1.37 inch) thick or less.

My Rating


I personally prefer Plush Sex Dolls now compared to TPE thanks to this product. Easy to use, always ready. And can be combined with boob sex toys!

✈️ Ships to most countries from the Netherlands in EU. Offers free shipping to many countries. Does not ship to US.

Toydemon has somewhat similar Plush Sex Doll options that I haven’t tried yet. They are made with the same material just some design differences

✈️ Only ships to the US.

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