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Tiddytoy Top View

Extra Wobbles Tiddytoy - Realistic Boobs Toy Review

Tiddytoy Top View



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Tiddytoy is the biggest breast sex toy I have reviewed on my site. 

SIZE: 51cm x 36cm x 17cm/20in x 14in x 6.75in

WEIGHT: 33lb/15kg

I am not sure exactly what cup size this is, probably around L-cup. Let’s take a look at the boobies.


I have never been with a girl with tits or nipples this big so can’t say for sure, but they do give a more realistic impression than the more anime/cartoony design of most Japanese big tits toys.

Tiddytoy Front View


The nipples are painted on. In bright light it is noticeable and does not look completely natural, but if you turn on dimmer sexy lights, it won’t be noticable. 

The nipple feel is soft, not crunchy. So more like relaxed real nipples rather than erect.

tiddytoy nipple
tiddytoy nipple 2

Touch & Smell

HD Video (for fast internet connections)

Massaging them is really enjoyable, very soft. In the middle area they are 90% there compared to real boobs in realism. That’s the nipple area and a bit around. The edges are a bit less soft. But I am pretty sure that is necessary to make them keep their shape and be durable. Softness and durability is always a tradeoff game with boobs toys. As you can see in the videos they have a nice natural jiggle and fingers sink in as they should.

The smell is typical of TPE material, nothing bothersome.

Touch & Smell - Tiddytoy VS Chichifueta Rocket

HD Video (for fast internet connections)

The Tiddytoy is softer than the Chichifueta Rocket. It also does not have the bounce back of the Chichifueta Rocket. What I mean by that is that if you press your face or fingers into Chichifueta Rocket, the material will resist and try to push you out again. That does not happen with the Tiddytoy. Like with real tits, Tiddytoy lets you sink in. Like with real tits, it feels much better that way.

Tiddytoy is not as soft as the original Chichifueta though. At this huge size, Chichifuetas softness would not work. It would fall apart. So to conclude, Chichifueta Rocket being on the harder side, and the original Chichifueta being on the softest. Tiddytoy is in the middle.

They both have the typical TPE material smell, nothing bothersome.

Titfuck Performance - Tiddytoy VS Chichifueta Rocket

HD Video (for fast internet connections)

Man, I don’t know what makes it exactly, but the Tiddytoy is really intense. I don’t usually cum in a few seconds, neither in real sex nor with pussy pockets. But with these huge tits, that happens. My theory is that there is soo much “meat” around your dick that it completely envelopes your penis head, stimulating every inch at once. While in a real pussy or masturbator, you are penetrating a tunnel, the tunnel does not touch all parts of your penis head at once, particularly not in the front area. But as mentioned, the Tiddy toy has so much mass and weight. It’s both “tight” and envelopes your penis head completely.

Best titfuck experience so far, ever!

What you get in the package

I forgot to take photos of the package, will do it soon. It’s just a functional package though, no graphics. The boobs come in a transparent zipper bag. Inside is a big white blanket that the tits are tucked into. The blanket is necessary when moving the boobs around, it provides support. It’s very hard to move them with just your hands/arms, they just jiggle out of your grip.



The paint penetrates deeper into the material it seems and I was unable to make it fade by cleaning with soap or dishwashing liquid. I heard from other owners that it faded with baby oil and mineral oil, so you should not apply that to the nipples.


They don’t have any special durability issues. But they are so big, heavy and jiggly, it’s basically impossible to keep them stable with your hands when carrying them. You have to use the blanket.

You should check the caretaking pointers in the Care Guide, they apply to all titfuck sex toys:


Due to their weight it’s not practical to carry them to the bathroom everytime you want to clean them. I agree with what the producers say on the website below, except I never feel the need to put cornstarch on my boob sex toys.

“The easiest method, without having to take a trip to the bathroom with heavy wobbly breasts trying to fall out of your arms, is this: After patting (not wiping) with tissues or a non-abrasive cloth, apply a sex toy cleaner spray or foam to the affected area. You can find these products on amazon or other websites that sell items like this. Next, let it air dry. Then, if desired, sprinkle it with cornstarch to make it feel like real skin. Later, you can use it comfortably again.”


Is it worth the money? Well any boobs fan would love the intense titfuck stimulation (read Titfuck Performance section). But the tits are huge, probably too big for anyone but huge tits fans. If you are a huge tits fan, go for it. It’s the top of the line huge boobs toy and the best tittyfuck toy currently. I doubt we will see anything better for a long time since they beat the Chichifueta Rockets by far.





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