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Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Breasts - Sex Toy Review

They are called Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta or Chichifueta for short. The sex toy producer Hotpowers, the company behind the Chichifueta, is one of the best players in the boobs sex toy market. We can thank them for raising the bar for what is expected in breast simulation products.

The biggest tits I have experienced in real life are G-cups. As any big tits lover will tell you, they make us go crazy. I got that feeling with these.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Don’t just fondle the breast sex toy, TITFUCK it 😉

Check out the videos below of the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta in action. Keep in mind that store product images or videos don’t tell the whole story. It’s always best to check a few videos like these before you decide to spend your hard earned money on a breast masturbator.


Japanese toy makers have been producing more and more boob sex toys in the past few years and they are very popular. Big tits are quite uncommon in Japan which is probably the reason why pumping money into innovation in breast simulation can be worth the effort. Only in Japan as they say. The makers are in competition which means lots of innovation to make the best, most realistic, best-feeling, and best-looking boob sex toys available.

Researching the topic I found that HotPowers products are the most popular in Japan, and are now available in the United States too. Unfortunately for the Japanese, they are selling so well outside Japan that HotPowers now prioritizes shipping to countries outside Japan rather than to the domestic market.  After checking a lot of pictures and videos I started to understand what all the fuss was about and decided to give them a try. I bought the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta, and after discovering that they actually feel like real big tits the cost I had paid for them basically became a non-issue.

What you get in the package

I was surprised how underwhelming the packaging presentation was. There is not much to say about the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta box. It’s a white cardboard box with an illustrated card inside, a marketing leaflet with nothing interesting to read. Some japanese text and pictures of the boob sex toy.

The Tits

Although nice packaging is a bonus. It’s not really important when it comes down to it. What matters is the tits and oh boy. When I picked up the plastic casing and saw them jiggle around inside I went pretty much caveman on them. Imagine you didn’t have to worry about how you look when playing with real woman’s tits, it was something like that. Seriously, this boob sex toy is enormous. The skin color is realistic pale skin. The color of the nipples is also pleasant – a reasonably realistic pink. The nipples are plain smooth, there is no texture to them.

The Feel

Putting this boob sex toy on a desk or bed is the best way to enjoy them. Trying to hold them in any other position will be a struggle against weight and gravity. 

I have average-sized hands. If you pick them up, they’re actually quite difficult to handle because of the sheer weight (3kg) and dimensions. They move and jiggle in different directions (like real tits) which means you have to keep some attention to balancing them so you don’t lose your grip.

The real fun, however, is in the pleasuring qualities.

Some lube is needed to fully enjoy these tits, I recommend using a wet bar of soap to lube them. It works and cleans your dick, win-win. As soon as you get all that down, however, these are an absolute joy. The feeling is not overly strong and feels even better than titfucking natural tits. You can’t compare fucking a vagina with titfucking. It’s an entirely different feel. What makes the orgasm great from the titfucking is simply the strength of the orgasm, which is normally pretty strong if you love big tits. The beautiful look and feel of two soft, beautiful big jiggly tits wrapped around your dick make guys like us orgasm really hard.

Chicifueta VS Chichifueta Rocket

Choosing between the Chichifueta and the Chichifueta Rocket is a matter of breast size preference not product quality. They are both excellent.


I have not discovered any durability issues yet. This means just the normal caretaking pointers should be followed.

You can read them here:


Fear not, should you shoot a mess on the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta, cleaning them is easy. Simply rinse them under some water and then wipe them down. The only
problem I had was that my sinks were a little too little given the size of these tits, therefore I put mine into my bathtub and used the shower hose to wash them down.

Technical details


HotPowers (Japan)


3 kg


(L x W x H in.)

12.2 x 8.30 x 4.72 in


Dual Layer TPE (with gel)


If you love big tits Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta won’t just be a great purchase, but also an investment into your well-being and health. When you’re up close with your face and fondling them you forget they’re not real if they are warm. I love big tits and because the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta feel real and look real up close, they make me crazy as only big titted women can “They make me want to suck them, kiss them all over and say things like “oh my god” and other things of passion. And all feels warm and fuzzy and right with the world.”

Breast Simulation Successful and totally worth the price. 👍

My Rating


✈️ Free shipping to the United States.

✈️ EU Shipping Price Examples: Around $76 for Chichifueta Rocket, $42 for Onahole, $86 for both combined. Fast express shipping.

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