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Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket - Realistic Boobs Toy Review

The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket is the second boob sex toy released from the already quite famous Japanese sex toy company Hotpowers. They became famous because of their first boob toy, the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta

Let’s go into a detailed review of their new boob sex toy in the usual order of Titfuck Performance, Look & Feel, Durability, Packaging and Scoring.



Titfuck performance

The tits can wrap around your dick in a vertical direction like this: 

There is a cleavage at the base of the boobs, so you can feel the pressure of the boobs firmly when you put it here:

The stimulation of the tits feels pretty good to me, but not as good as the much softer Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta. Because that one is softer, it envelopes your dick completely everywhere. The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket is quite a bit less soft so it doesn’t quite hug your dick all around.

Look and feel


It’s nice and smooth, but has an artificial feel to it. Not as realistic as the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta. They probably had to use a harder material to give enough support for the bigger size and rocket shape.


Pretty nice jiggle. But not as good as Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta. They bounce really nicely though


There is a faint chemical smell to the skin. In comparison, Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta has a faint nice sweet smell.

Portability & Cleaning

Managable, but you need to be careful. They bounce to left and right alot with that shape and weigh 4.6kg.

When it comes to storage, you would need about 25cm free space in height under your bed to tuck them under there. The closet or in luggage are some other options. Nobody opens luggage unless they need it 🙂

For cleaning, easy, just use some soap and water and rinse.

Chicifueta VS Chichifueta Rocket Comparison

The less soft skin on the Chichifueta Rocket has the downside of having a bounce back if you try to face dive into them. The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta on the other hand, envelopes you and let’s you in, like real breasts.


Here are some tips to make them feel more real:

  • Make them somewhat warm with warm water first (if it’s warm inside your room this won’t be necessary)
  • Dim the lights
  • Dress them in sexy clothing


They are on the more durable side due to the thicker skin. Nothing in particular is standing out with its durability.

Just follow the normal caretaking pointers that apply to all tits sex toys.

You can read them here:

What you get in the package

The box for the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rockets is basic as with all their titfuck sex toys. It comes in a cardboard box and an illustrated card inside with some basic information about them in Japanese etc. Completely uninteresting.

Technical details


HotPowers (Japan)


4.6 kg


(L x W x H in.)

12.2 x 7.70 x 4.72 in


Dual Layer TPE (with gel)


To support the special shape of the tits, they had to use a less soft material. This breaks the immersion for me. I keep getting reminded by how it feels, that it’s just a sex toy made from synthetic materials.

Therefore I can not recommend it over the other tits in the ‘Best Of List




My Rating


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Fun Facts About Rocket Tits

I did not really know what rocket tits were exactly before I got the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rockets and I looked it up. I found a few fun facts: 

Rocket/Torpedo bras were all the rage in the 1950s

A tit rocket 😀 Can’t find anyone selling it though

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